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Analyzing a Written Text - Audience (Writing Activity)

Analyzing a Written Text - Author (Writing Activity)

Analyzing a Written Text - Organization (Writing Activity)

Analyzing a Written Text - Proof/Evidence (Writing Activity)

Analyzing a Written Text - Purpose/Context (Writing Activity)

Analyzing a Written Text - Research/Sources (Writing Activity)

Analyzing a Written Text - Style (Writing Activity)

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Business Memos (Writing Guide)

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Choosing and Refining Topics (Writing Guide)

Citation Guide: American Psychological Association (APA) (Writing Guide)

Citation Guide: Chicago Manual of Style (Author/Date System) (Writing Guide)

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Civil Engineering (Collection)

Civil Engineering Lab Reports (Writing Guide)

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CO130: Academic Writing (Collection)

CO150: College Composition (Collection)

CO300: Writing Arguments (Collection)

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CO302: Writing Online (Collection)

CO401: Advanced Composition (Collection)

COCC150: Composition Challenge Examination Information (Writing Guide)

Collaborating (Collection)

Collecting Ideas for an Argument (Writing Activity)

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Colorado State University National Writing Project

Commenting on Student Writing (Teaching Guide)

Commenting On Student Writing, Teaching In The Margins

Communicating as an Engineer (Writing Guide)

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Conducting Electronic Research (Writing Guide)

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Conducting Research with Google, Activity Version Two (Writing Activity)

Considering Your Writing Situation (Collection)

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Creating and Using Overheads (Writing Guide)

Crisis Press Release (Writing Activity)

Critical Reading (Writing Guide)

Cubing - Analyze (Writing Activity)

Cubing - Apply or Use (Writing Activity)

Cubing - Argue For/Against (Writing Activity)

Cubing - Compare/Contrast (Writing Activity)

Cubing - Describe (Writing Activity)

Cubing - Free Associate (Writing Activity)

Curriculum Vitae (Writing Guide)

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Dealing with Plagiarism (Teaching Guide)

Defining a Problem (Writing Activity)

Designing and Publishing (Collection)

Designing Documents: Using Figures (Writing Guide)

Designing Documents: Using Illustrations (Writing Guide)

Designing Documents: Using Tables (Writing Guide)

Designing Writing Assignments (Teaching Guide)

Desktop Publishing (Writing Guide)

Developing a Research Question (Writing Guide)

Developing a Thesis Statement (Writing Guide)

Developing a Working Bibliography (Writing Guide)

Developing Your Ideas (Writing Guide)

Documentation Systems: An Overview (Writing Guide)

Drafting (Collection)

Drafting an Argument (Writing Guide)

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Editing and Proofreading Strategies (Writing Guide)

Electrical Engineering (Collection)

Electrical Engineering Lab Reports (Writing Guide)

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English Composition Requirement

Environmental Policy Statements (Writing Guide)

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Error Pattern Analysis (Teaching Guide)

Ethnography, Observational Research, and Narrative Inquiry (Writing Guide)

Evaluating Sources (Writing Guide)

Evaluating Writing Assignments (Teaching Guide)

Executive Summaries (Writing Guide)

Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Research (Writing Guide)

Exploring Interests (Writing Activity)

Exploring Your Topic (Writing Activity)

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FAQ About Writing across the Curriculum (Teaching Guide)

Feedback on Your Writing, Send a Draft Tool

Fiction (Collection)

Fiction Readings

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Formatting Business Letters (Writing Guide)

Freewriting (Writing Activity)

From Collecting to Shaping an Argument (Writing Activity)

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Generalizabilty and Transferability (Writing Guide)

Generating Ideas (Collection)

Generating Ideas for Writing about Science (Writing Activity)

Glossary of Key Terms (Writing Guide)

Guides, Teaching

Guides, Writing

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Helping Students Find Significance (Teaching Guide)

Helping Students Generate a Topic (Teaching Guide)

Helping Students Narrow a Topic (Teaching Guide)

Helping Students Summarize and Respond to Texts (Teaching Guide)

How to Write a Complaint Letter (Writing Activity)

How to Write a Cover Letter (Writing Activity)

How to Write a Credit Letter (Writing Activity)

How to Write a Refusal Letter (Writing Activity)

How to Write a Response Letter (Writing Activity)

How to Write a Sales Letter (Writing Activity)

How to Write an Acceptance Letter (Writing Activity)

How to Write an Acknowledgement Letter (Writing Activity)

How to Write an Adjustment Letter (Writing Activity)

How to Write an Application Letter (Writing Activity)

How to Write an Informational Memo (Writing Activity)

How to Write an Inquiry Letter (Writing Activity)

How to Write an Instructional Memo (Writing Activity)

How to Write an Order Letter (Writing Activity)

Human Subjects, Working With

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Informational Press Release (Writing Activity)

Informative Speaking (Writing Guide)

Informative Speeches (Collection)

Integrating Sources (Writing Guide)

Integrating Writing Into Any Course: Starting Points (Teaching Guide)

Intro to Teaching E238 (Teaching Guide)

Introduction to Teaching CO130 (Teaching Guide)

Introduction to Teaching CO300 (Teaching Guide)

Introduction to Teaching CO301A (Teaching Guide)

Introduction to Teaching CO301B (Teaching Guide)

Introduction to Teaching in the Computer Classroom (Teaching Guide)

Issue Analysis Worksheet (Writing Activity)

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Leading Class Discussions (Teaching Guide)

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Looping Activity (Writing Activity)

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Maintaining Your Focus (Writing Guide)

Manage Your Work

Mechanical Engineering (Collection)

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Narrowing and Focusing (Writing Activity)

Narrowing from Topic to Thesis for an Argumentative Essay (Writing Activity)

Non-Fiction (Collection)

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Online vs. Print Publishing (Writing Guide)

Organizing Documents (Writing Guide)

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Parts of an Argument (Writing Guide)

Peer Review (Writing Guide)

Personal Calendar (Writing Tool)

Plagiarism Teaching Guide

Plagiarism, Understanding

Planning a Class (Teaching Guide)

Planning an Argument (Writing Guide)

Poetry (Collection)

Poetry Readings

Poster Sessions (Writing Guide)

Poster Sessions (Collection)

Preparing to Write a Literature Paper - I (Writing Activity)

Preparing to Write a Literature Paper - II (Writing Activity)

Presentations (Collection)

Press Releases (Writing Guide)

Project Notebooks (Writing Guide)

Publishing Your Writing (Writing Guide)

Purpose, Understanding

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Quantitative & Qualitative Research (Collection)

Questions to Prompt Revision (Writing Activity)

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Reading (Collection)

Reading Log (Writing Activity)

Reading the World Wide Web (Writing Guide)

Regularly Scheduled Tutorial (Collection)

Reliability and Validity (Writing Guide)

Researching and Working with Sources (Collection)

Responding (Writing Guide)

Response Shaping (Writing Activity)

Resumés (Writing Guide)

Review Paper for the Biological Sciences (Writing Guide)

Reviewing and Revising an Argument (Writing Guide)

Reviewing How You've Incorporated Proof into An Argument (Writing Activity)

Revising a Science Argument (Writing Activity)

Revising and Editing (Collection)

Revising Coherence in the Argumentative Essay (Writing Activity)

Revising Literature Papers - Audience (Writing Activity)

Revising Literature Papers - Central Concepts and Terms (Writing Activity)

Revising Literature Papers - Conclusion (Writing Activity)

Revising Literature Papers - Details (Writing Activity)

Revising Literature Papers - Development (Writing Activity)

Revising Literature Papers - Organization (Writing Activity)

Revising Literature Papers - Paragraphing (Writing Activity)

Revising Literature Papers - Style (Writing Activity)

Revising Literature Papers - Thesis (Writing Activity)

Revising Literature Papers - Title and Introduction (Writing Activity)

Revising Organization in Science Writing (Writing Activity)

Revising the Title, Lead-in, and Thesis (Writing Activity)

Revising Your Argumentative Claim (Writing Activity)

Rhetorical Analysis - Author (Writing Activity)

Rhetorical Analysis - Essay (Writing Activity)

Rhetorical Analysis - Limitations (Writing Activity)

Rhetorical Analysis - Motivation (Writing Activity)

Rhetorical Analysis - Reader (Writing Activity)

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Scholarly Writing (Collection)

Science (Collection)

Service Learning in Writing Courses (Teaching Guide)

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Sources, Evaluating

Sources, Integrating

Statistics: An Introduction (Writing Guide)

Summaries (Writing Guide)

Summarizing and Responding to Texts (Collection)

Summary (Writing Activity)

Supporting Argumentative Claims (Writing Activity)

Survey Research (Writing Guide)

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Taking Notes (Writing Guide)

Teaching Detail and Development (Teaching Guide)

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Teaching In The Margins: Commenting On Student Writing

Teaching Resources for ECC140 (Teaching Guide)

Teaching Rhetorical Terminology (Teaching Guide)

Teaching Strategies for Students with Disabilities (Teaching Guide)

Teaching Writing in First Year Seminars (Teaching Guide)

The Toulmin Method (Writing Guide)

Thesis Statements for a Literature Assignment (Writing Guide)

Topics, Working With

Training Teachers for the Computer Classroom (Teaching Guide)

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UC Irvine WR 39B (Collection)

UC Irvine WR 39C (Collection)

Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism (Writing Guide)

Understanding Writing Situations (Writing Guide)

Understanding Your Audience (Writing Activity)

Understanding Your Purpose (Writing Guide)

Universiteit Twente Academic Writing (Collection)

Unpacking an Argumentative Thesis Statement (Writing Activity)

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Using Description in Science Writing (Writing Activity)

Using Descriptive Detail (Writing Guide)

Using Student Peer Review (Teaching Guide)

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Volunteering in ESL (Teaching Guide)

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Working in Groups (Writing Guide)

Working with Claim/Proof/Warrant--Toulmin Method (Writing Activity)

Working With Human Subjects (Writing Guide)

Writers on Writing: Engineering

Writers on Writing: Fiction

Writers on Writing: Nonfiction

Writing about Literature (Collection)

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Writing Argumentative Claims (Writing Activity)

Writing Arguments: An Overview (Writing Guide)

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Writing for the Web (Writing Guide)

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Writing the Scientific Paper (Writing Guide)

Writing@CSU Teaching Activities Bank (Teaching Guide)

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