Non-Fiction Writers on Writing

Writers on Writing offers perspectives and writing samples from experts in the field of nonfiction. Below, you can view video clips of these writers commenting on their work with nonfiction. Click on the questions to view the video clips. Click on the photos to view more about each writer.

John Calderazzo on Creative Nonfiction

John Calderazzo In general, how would you describe "creative nonfiction?"

How is creative nonfiction similar to fiction and how does it differ?

What are some important things writers new to creative nonfiction should know?

Could you talk about the types of writing you've done?

What is literary journalism?

What literary journalists do you admire, and why do you admire them?

Gerry Callahan on Creative Science Writing

Gerry Callahan What is creative science writing and how does it differ from other forms of science writing?

What draws you to creative science writing?

What challenges face creative science writers?

Who are some of the creative science writers that you admire?

Could you talk a bit about your writing?

SueEllen Campbell on Nature Writing

SueEllen Campbell What types of nature and environmental writing are available?"

Please describe the role of nature in Even Mountains Vanish.

Who are some nature writers that you admire?

Steven Church on the Essay

Steven Church How would you describe the modern experimental nonfiction essay?

Which writers of modern essays or books have influenced your work and how have they done so?

Could you briefly discuss your writing process?

How would you describe the importance of voice in an essay?

Kerri Mitchell on Memoir

Kerri Mitchell What is memoir? Why do you write it?

How do you fill in the gaps where memory fails?

Who are some authors of memoir that you admire?