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Writers on Writing offers perspectives and writing samples from experienced writers of fiction. Below, you can view video clips of these writers commenting on their work with fiction. Click on the questions to view the video clips. Click on the photos to view more about each writer.

Jiro AdachiJiro Adachi on Plot, Character, Dialogue, Setting, and Backstory

Please describe your work on plot, character, dialogue, setting, setting, and backstory in The Island of Bicycle Dancers."

Nicole BackensNicole Backens on Theme

Please talk about the role of theme in fiction writing.

Please talk about theme in relation to a particular piece you've written.

You seem to be talking about the idea of a "thematic question." Can you expand on that concept?

How do you demonstrate your theme - or work your theme - through your characters? And can you talk about this in terms of your thesis?

Please talk about the relationship between theme and character development.

When you are generating ideas about stories, do you find yourself jotting notes more about situations or more about themes?

Do you find yourself working on similar themes repeatedly in different projects?

When you think about theme or thematic questions, do you think about tools that you would use to craft the theme? For example, do you do research or do you talk with other people? What do you do to help the theme evolve?

Have you ever gotten to the point in a story where you have a theme going and then you find that it isn't working?

Is there anything else you'd like to add about the notion of theme?