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Online Vs. Print Publishing

As printing became more prominent and widely accepted, it also became more commonplace. Following World War II, a great deal of machines were put into action stimulating circulation. Just as the distribution and number of printed texts expanded to reach a variety of audiences and range of topics and knowledge, so the world of texts online is expanding rapidly. And while there are not near the amount of constraints of wars and technology upon production, the future of online publishing may change our world. How we read and learn from the face of the screen staring at us as well as how we read from the printed page is changing. While printing has risen to serve as a prominent form of communication with online publishing speeding quickly to meet the needs of the literate world, there are still, and will remain to be, significant differences between print and on-line publishing.

Online and print publishing are significantly different. Choosing what medium to publish in depends on such factors as your publishing goals, the amount of money you have to spend, and the kinds of resources that are available to you. This site is meant to give the novice publisher an idea of the differences that lie between the two publishing media. It also details a number of considerations for the online publisher to keep in mind.

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