Writing@CSU Guide

Conducting Library Research

Understanding how to use the Internet and how to search the Web is critical to the research process; however, understanding how information is cataloged in your library and how to search and browse its stacks, special collections and journal rooms is equally important.

Libraries are the preeminent physical repositories for the results of human research and learning and continue to be the primary locations at which information on a multitude of subjects will be found.

Unlike many materials found on the Web, those found in a library are carefully vetted, or reviewed, for accuracy before being added to the collection. Once added, these items are categorized, cataloged and their locations mapped and recorded for easy retrieval.

To familiarize yourself with the facilities and services of your library, call its reference desk or pay a visit and speak with the librarian on duty. A guided tour may be available. A self-guided tour containing the same information should be available on their Web site as well.

Students at Colorado State University will find library hours, facility maps, electronic databases and catalogs, archives and collections, subject-librarian contact information and more directly accessible from the home page of the Morgan Library Website.

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