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Library research is a large component of COCC300, and we encourage you to set up an appointment with Liaison Librarian, who will reserve the EIL (the electronic information lab in the north corner of the basement of Morgan) for you for one or more hours. Reserve your room early--by the time the semester begins, we have had difficulty getting the room when it would best fit our syllabus.

The folks who have had the most successful trips to the library required students to complete the CARL tutorial before visiting the EIL. The instructors then gave a specific list of questions (generated by students) to the library staff, and the session in the EIL focused on answering those questions. You will need to work closely with your students to be sure you are sending a good list of questions to Evelyn Haynes. If you don't give her specific questions in advance, you may get the generic library lecture, which has not gone over very well with our students. At this point, you can--I think--request that the first part of the hour be a general introduction or question session and the second be a chance for students to surf the net with experts around to put them back on board when they crash.

To get students thinking hard about the sources they discover, most instructors assign an annotated bibliography for at least one of the essays the students write. Sample assignment sheets are included in the Writing Assignments sub-section.