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MLA check-sheet/mini-quiz (Gogela)

Please circle the correct answer for each of the following questions:

  1. The works cited page of your essay should have the heading

    a) Bibliography.
    b) "Bibliography".
    c) "Works Cited"
    d) List of Works Cited
    e) Works Cited

  2. Entries on your works cited page should be

    a) single-spaced for each entry and double-spaced between individual entries
    b) double-spaced throughout
    c) triple-spaced throughout
    d) numbered
    e) have to be in alphabetical order no matter what

    Determine whether the following are true or false:

  3. Every source you used or consulted should be included in your Works Cited. T/F
  4. Nonwritten sources such as interviews or lectures may be omitted from your Works Cited list. T/F
  5. Cited journals require a volume number if they have continuous pagination. T/F
  6. For an encyclopedia, date of the edition is sufficient publication information for this type of source material. T/F
  7. For a newspaper entry you have to provide author's name and title but not the page or section of the column. T/F
  8. Government documents specify the branch of government as well as the subsidiary body. T/F

    Please document the following sources:

  9. Works Cited Form: Part of a Book
    Try your hand below at correctly listing the following: Harold Child's essay, "Jane Austen," printed in The Cambridge History of English Literature edited by A. W. Ward and A. R. Waller. For Cambridge University Press of London, 1927, Volume 12, pages 23l to 244.

  10. Works Cited Form: Unpublished Source
    Try your hand at listing the following: Lecture by John Turner entitled "Contemporary Mythology" on October 22, 1983 at University of Georgia, Athens.