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Learning the Library through the EIL (Gogela)

As your syllabus indicates, we will NOT meet in our regular classroom this Wednesday, 2-22. Instead, please go to the EIL (Electronic Information Lab) in the basement of the library during our regular class time.

The room has been reserved exclusively for you with the intent to help you navigate the information super-highway without feeling like potential roadkill. Dr. Evelyn Haynes will give you a brief introduction, followed by an answer session to your specific questions about the library in general and computer databases specifically. Then, you will have time and opportunity to get hands-on experience researching your own topics. Remember: if you have not narrowly defined your question at issue, computers refuse to cooperate. (And you thought I was bad!) Monitors will stand by to help you get started, so don't hesitate to raise your hand at any time and ask questions.

Your time at the EIL may not be sufficient to collect all of your sources for Friday, but this should give you a good start.

Due on Friday:
--Review pp. 590-601, 612 in Aims.
--Bring 8-10 focused, academic sources for your topic (xerox copies, thoroughly annotated source summary sheets, or a mixture of both at this point). I will check source materials at the beginning of Friday's class. Since we will begin compiling your annotated bibliography in class, your sources are crucial.

Please take a few minutes and carefully answer the following questions:

  1. By now, you have familiarized yourself with some aspects of our library. What, specifically, confused you--if anything?
  2. Whether you're an "old surfer" on the computer information network or are terrified of "drowning" in the system, what specific questions do you have about the EIL?