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COCC300 Collaborative Group Assessment

Please be candid and thorough as you evaluate your group. These evaluations will remain confidential, but I need each student's cooperation so that I can judge the effectiveness of the group activity.

Group topic:
Other group members:
Please describe the contributions of each member of your group:
Knowing what you know now and if given a choice of group members for a subsequent project, which members of your group would you choose to work with again?
What was the most valuable aspect of completing this group work?
How did input from group members help you prepare a stronger final paper?
Sometimes a group will not function smoothly simply because members have agendas that cannot be blended or for reasons of group dynamics that have nothing to do with the willingness of members to work hard on a project. Please describe any difficulties of this sort that you encountered.
If you were to grade each of your group members on their contributions, what would you give them? (Include yourself here.)
What else would you like me to know about your group?