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Exploratory Paper Workshop (Thomas)

The goal of this workshop is to give the writer feedback that will help him/her see his/her paper through the eyes of readers. Your careful reading and responding are appreciated!


To the writer--List specific questions or concerns you have about this paper here:

First Reader

To the first reader: Your job is to label various aspects of the paper so that the writer can see how the paper is put together through your eyes. Please mark and annotate in the margins of the paper for the following:

Read the writer's questions/concerns above. Write your answers/suggestions on the back of the draft and sign your name to your comments. When you finish, pass this sheet and the draft to the next reader. Thank you.

Second Reader

To the second reader: Read the writer's statement above, and then read through the draft once. Notice the annotations the first reader made. Now respond to the following.

  1. Are any of the key elements of the paper missing? If so, tell the writer here which ones.
  2. Do you think the writer has accurately represented the positions of the authors? If not, explain any discrepancies you see here and/or in the margins.
  3. Is the writer's position on the issue clear? Is it explained adequately enough for you to understand why s/he holds that position? Is there any way the writer could improve his/her statement of his/her position?
  4. Now respond to the writer's concerns/questions listed above and offer any suggestions for revision you have. (Remember to stick to larger issues rather than grammar and mechanics.)

To the writer: Read over all the comments you have received from the two readers. Then discuss those comments with your readers. Make sure you clarify all suggestions or criticisms. Take notes in the space below.

After you finish your discussion, write your revision plan below.