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Workshop Sheet for Summary for Portfolio 1

Writer's Name

Editor's Name and Phone #

Read through the paper completely before answering any of the following questions.

  1. Has the writer noted the author and title of the essay being summarized? Yes/No
  2. Has the writer included a clear restatement of the author's main point? Yes/No
  3. What other points that you don't see here should the writer include for a thorough summary of the article?
  4. What, if any, key examples or details should the writer add to the summary?
  5. Does the summary follow the organization of the original essay? Would a different arrangement be easier for a reader to understand? Suggest revisions.
  6. Has the writer maintained objectivity throughout the summary? If you see places where the writer's opinions or reactions are creeping in, please bracket those for the writer to attend to.
  7. Suggest revisions to reduce bias created by word choices.
  8. Where might the writer use additional author tags to help the reader?
  9. Mark any places in the draft where you have trouble reading and note whether a transition, clearer wording, or additional detail would help most.
  10. Where can you suggest other specific improvements in the summary? (Please refer to the criteria on the earlier handout for other possible points to revise.)
  11. What concerns does the writer still have about revising this summary? What can you suggest to help the writer?
  12. What's the most effective part of this summary?