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Summary - Short Workshop

This workshop sheet is really just a reminder for you. You already know the parts of a summary and what you are looking for, so please feel free to comment on things you notice but which are not asked for on the sheet. To begin, please ask the writer to list his or her main concerns.

Writer's questions:

Reader's responses:


  1. Look for author and title. What suggestions do you have?
  2. Is thesis clearly and accurately stated? How could it be improved?


  1. What main points has the writer left out?
  2. Where do you see too much detail?
  3. Look at the quotes. Are they pertinent? Are they believably accurate?


  1. How could the writer make the summary flow better? Is it wordy? Too sparse?


  1. Look at the writer's objectivity. Are the author tags clearly placed? Does the writer's subjectivity creep in even though there are author tags?