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Workshop Sheet for Toulmin Analysis for Portfolio 1

Writer's Name

Editor's Name and Phone #

Read through the paper completely before answering any of the following questions.

  1. Evaluate the claim. Does it accurately represent the main point of the article?
  2. Suggest revisions to the claim to reduce bias created by word choices.
  3. What revisions should the writer make to the qualifier and exceptions for completeness and clarity?
  4. Has the writer identified the main reasons cited in the essay? How would you improve the clarity of the reasons?
  5. How could the writer improve the analysis of reasons? relevant and good (remember--sufficient, accurate, credible)?
  6. What key evidence did the writer include? What key evidence did the writer omit?
  7. Has the writer correctly identified objections the author notes as well as the author's rebuttal? How might the writer improve this section of the analysis?
  8. What concerns does the writer still have about revising this analysis? What can you suggest to help the writer?
  9. What's the most effective part of this analysis?