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RST Goals and Goal Setting

During the semester, you might work with individual students on a number of writing assignments designed to prepare them for CO130 (Academic Writing) or COCC150 (College Composition). Setting some realistic goals at the beginning of the semester is a good way to get started with each tutee.

Begin with the sheet that lists common goals for all tutorial students; add to those some specific goals appropriate for each writer. Take into account that students' needs and interests will vary: some students will be extremely practical about getting through the required comp course; other students may want to work toward longer-term goals for writing on the job. Use the form to guarantee that students understand the common goals and then to record any individual goals you set together. Be sure to have each student sign a "goals" form. Then sign and date the form and file it in the folder you'll keep with the student's work during the term.

Revisit the goals periodically to help measure progress during the term but especially at the midterm and semester reviews.