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Unit 3

In Unit 3, we'd like to have students reflect on what they've learned during the course. The Course Overview calls for a final essay to capture this reflection; we have linked that assignment below as "Course Postscript." But you might also think about other alternatives to a final essay as you get to this part of the course.

For instance, depending on how much time you have left at the end of the term and how you have worked out the term topic, you might post some questions on the forum for class "discussion" so that students have an opportunity to synthesize how their reading and writing have changed their views of academic texts.

As another alternative to the full-blown course postscript, you might have students respond to postscript prompts focused only on the second portfolio. Or you might want to encourage more reflection about the revision process, so we've included a set of questions students might use to create a revision plan.

As you think of other ways to encourage reflection on their reading and writing skills at the end of the semester, be sure to contribute those to our compilation here.