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Supplemental Readings

As you come across readings that might work with our term topic, "education," please give me a copy of the reading. I'll collect a paper file and add the bibliographic information to the list below:

Alvarez, Lizette. "Partisan Differences in Senate Threaten Education Bill." The New York Times. Sunday, May 7, 2000; p. A18.

Barra, Allen. "'Amateur' Athletes Are Worth Millions--to NCAA." The Wall Street Journal. Monday, March 29, 1999; p. A26.

Fields, Suzanne. "Technology and Classic Ideas Warring Over Soul of Education." Arizona Republic. March 24, 2000.

Forstmann, Ted. "Break Up the Education Monopoly." The Wall Street Journal. Thursday, September 9, 1999; p. A26.

Karl, Jonathan. "The Great Campus Celebrity Contest." The Wall Street Journal. Friday, September 10, 1999; p. W13.

Prose, Francine. "I Know Why the Caged Bird Cannot Read." Harper's Magazine. September, 1999; 76-84.

Taylor, D. (1998). Beginning to Read and the Spin Doctors of Science: The Political Campaign to Change America's Mind about How Children Learn to Read. Urbana, IL: NCTE. Selected excerpt.

Wade, Nicholas. "Rivals on Offensive as They Near Wire in Genome Race" The New York Times. Sunday, May 7, 2000; p. A18.