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Writing Assignments

This section includes detailed assignment sheets for each of the essays we imagine students will write in CO130. The assignments are clustered under headings to help you see how teachers vary in their presentation of assignments.

Some teachers (and many students) prefer to complete a formal draft of each essay as it comes up in the syllabus; teachers collect and comment on those drafts that students then revise for resubmission and grading in the portfolio in week 9. Alternatively, student work in first half of the semester can be assigned and collected in a true portfolio, i.e., students draft several less formal attempts at each essay and choose their most successful (in their terms) papers to revise for the portfolio. I've arranged assignment sheets under "Unit 1" if you plan to adopt the first approach for this chunk of the semester and under "Portfolio 1" if you prefer the second approach.

Unit 2 assignments appear here as prompts for a "discourse analysis" approach, a "source and response" approach, or a "position paper" approach to the essays in the second half of the semester.