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Unit 2 - Discourse Analysis

CAVEAT: You might want to give out only a generic explanation of Unit 2 (see Course Overview materials) at the beginning of the semester until you get to know your students and their strengths and weaknesses. As you think about ways to meet the goals for Unit 2--helping students learn how to find appropriate sources and integrate them appropriately into an academic paper--please remember that some papers will require more sophisticated writing and thinking skills than other types of papers.

In the Course Overview, you'll find explanations of how to adapt the course if you're using Frame Work, a text that lends itself to rhetorical analysis of discourse communities for the papers in the second half of the semester. The links below to Essays 4 and 5 as discourse analysis connect to assignment sheets tailored for this approach to Unit 2.

Please give Kate any assignment sheets that fine-tune the essay tasks for Unit 2 (especially if you work out any other options for this part of the semester).