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Course Postscript

This is your final assignment in the course and your chance to show how your writing (and your knowledge about writing) has developed over the course of the semester. In this essay, you'll show why, based on this final assignment and your progress this semester, you think you are prepared for academic writing.

The key questions you'll answer are "How has your writing developed over the course of this semester? What have you learned about academic writing?"

You're answering these key questions for your instructor, who must evaluate your readiness to advance to the next composition course (CO150). Think of this as your "final exam," and be sure to think about what your instructor's needs and expectations are likely to be. Why might s/he want you to answer this particular question? What kinds of things will you need to show? What kind of development or support will s/he expect?

Your goals: to make a case for how much you've learned and improved in this course which is, in a sense, your argument for your desired grade. You'll want to provide a clear focus (thesis statement) and develop your thoughts with examples from your experience in class and the essays you've written. The main part of the development here will be evaluating your performance on one of the earlier essays, answering

Strategies for completing the essay include these: