CO150 Common Syllabus, 2002-2003

This common syllabus is provided to support our newest instructors, as well as instructors interested in learning about the latest changes to the CO150 curriculum. These materials are also available in a format designed for printing. Please follow the links below to view the syllabus materials:

Course Curriculum

Note: The following weekly and daily lesson plans provide varying levels of detail about suggested course goals and activities. The weekly lesson plans provide overviews of teaching and learning goals for each week. They become less detailed as the semester proceeds. Daily lesosn plans are provided, for both MWF and TR sections, for the first portfolio.

Course Goals
General Advice about Teaching
Introduction to Weekly and Daily Lesson Plans

Portfolio 1: Complete Weekly and MWF Plans
Portfolio 1: Complete Weekly and TR Plans
Week 1: August 26th - August 30th
Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

Week 2: September 3rd - September 6th
Labor Day | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

Week 3: September 9th - September 13th
Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

Week 4: September 16th - September 20th
Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

Portfolio 2: Complete Weekly Plans
Week 5: September 23rd - September 27th
Week 6: September 30th - October 4th
Week 7: October 7th - October 11th
Week 8: October 14th - October 18th
Week 9: October 21st - October 25th
Week 10: October 28th - November 1st

Portfolio 3: Complete Weekly Plans
Week 11: November 4th - November 8th
Week 12: November 11th - November 15th
Week 13: November 18th - November 22nd
Week 14: December 2nd - December 6th
Week 15: December 9th - December 13th

Final Examination

Assignments and Portfolio Overviews

Note: These documents provide rationales for each of the portfolios, as well as the assignments themselves. We advise reading the overview for portfolios two and three prior to planning your class lessons.

Portfolio 1

Portfolio 2 Overview
Portfolio 2 Topic Proposal
Portfolio 2 Audience Exploration Report
Portfolio 2 Annotated Bibliography
Portfolio 2 Issue Analysis Report

Portfolio 3 Overview
Portfolio 3 Audience & Context Analysis Report
Portfolio 3 Arguing Essay