< CO150 Final Examination, 2002-2003

CO150 Final Examination, 2002-2003

Prepare an activity that brings the entire semester together in some way that students can complete during the final exam time. You might, for instance, ask students to write a self-evaluation in which they refer to specifics from the assignments they wrote in this course and discuss in detail what they learned during the semester, how they have improved, and where they want to improve in terms of their writing in the future. You might also let students know that you’ll read their self-evaluations and they could impact their grades, especially if the piece is especially effective and their final grade is on a borderline.

Other options include asking students give oral presentations on their arguing essays. It can be interesting for students to learn more about the issues their classmates addressed and what they found as they researched and wrote about their issue. You might also use some of their presentations as the basis for discussions during the final meeting time.

In any case—

You are required to meet with your class during the assigned final exam period in the assigned classroom.

Special Note

Congratulations on completing your first semester of CO150. Have a great break.