< Portfolio 3: Arguing Essay

Portfolio 3: Arguing Essay

Overview: To complete this portfolio, you will construct a source-based argument for the issue you chose to work with in Portfolio 2. You will define an appropriate audience for your argument and shape your writing to meet the needs and interests of your readers. You will also define a context for writing and modify your argument to meet the demands of this context (For example: an argument written for Newsweek  should look and read like other texts found in this publication).

Purposes for this Essay: To write for a specific, public audience arguing your viewpoints on the issue you explored in Portfolio 2; to convince your audience to agree with your viewpoints or to persuade your audience to act on your viewpoints.

Audience: Address your arguing essay to the readers outlined in your Context and Audience Analysis Report. In general, your audience is likely to expect you to thoroughly explain the points you are making and to support your argument using appropriate forms of evidence. Your readers are also likely to expect you to acknowledge and cite your sources in a manner consistent with other sources published by your target publication.  

Portfolio Content: Please submit your report in a folder clearly labeled with your name and email address. Your portfolio should include:

Essay Requirements: Your arguing essay should be between 1,250 and 1,750 words in length. It should be designed and formatted to conform to your target publication. Support your argument with at least six sources and any relevant personal experience.