< Portfolio 2: Issue Analysis Report

Portfolio 2: Issue Analysis Report

Overview: To complete this analysis, you will define the primary approaches writers have taken in their writing about your issue. Then you will analyze the diverse purposes, audiences, historical events, social factors and cultural contexts shaping the debate about this issue.

Purposes for this Report: To convince your readers that the issue you are examining is more complicated than a pro/con debate.

Audience: Address your issue analysis to readers of the online journal, Talking Back (https://writing.colostate.edu/gallery/talkingback/). You can assume that this audience will be unfamiliar with theories of writing situations and, as a result, will appreciate some explanation of what specific terms mean. In general, this audience will expect you to explain the points you are making and to demonstrate (using evidence) how you have come to understand your issue as complex.  

Portfolio Content: Please submit your report in a folder clearly labeled with your name and email address. Your portfolio should include:

Report Requirements: Your issue analysis report should be between 1,000 and 1,250 words in length. In your report, clearly identify (following MLA or APA style) the sources to which you refer. Your report should: