< Day 8 - Thursday, September 19<sup>th</sup>

Day 8 - Thursday, September 19th

What You’ll Do in Class Today

Connection to Course Goals

Write this in when you’ve decided on an activity for class.



1.      Review what makes an effective workshop (10 minutes): Refer to the Teaching Guide on Planning Workshops and Peer Review on Writing@CSU (https://writing.colostate.edu/guides/teaching/peer/). The guide is also available in print format in the appendix. Use the guide to help you decide ahead of time how you’d like to facilitate the in class workshop for the summary/response essay.

2.      Review portfolio requirements for the summary/response essay and address student concerns for the essay (5 minutes): Remind students that their essays must be turned in with all draft work and workshop materials in a folder. Inform them of any other requirements that you may have.

3.      Your activity (30 minutes): Design a peer review workshop that will help students prepare their summary/response essay for submission at the beginning of the next class.

4.      Conclusion


Bring your first portfolio to class. It should include your final draft of the summary/response essay and all other drafts, homework assignments, and in-class activities you’ve completed during this portfolio period.