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For the Personal Essay

Part 1 has similar goals to our Unit 1; it can be used pretty much as is. The Personal Essay assignment is nearly identical to the "Essay Options" presented on pp. 81-2 ("School Stories"). The instructor can decide whether to limit the students to writing about an experience or allow them to choose a significant teacher instead. Like our assignment, the text stresses focus and details; the authors even include sample revision/workshop exercises on pp. 111-112.

Suggested readings for the Personal Essay:

Week 1: Writing processes, writing rituals, and prewriting strategies: pp. 3-9 ("Writing as Storytelling") and pp. 50-62 ("The Writing Process" and "Approaches to Prewriting").

Week 2: Reading strategies: pp. 15-34 ("Active Reading"). The essay, "How I Started Writing Poetry" (pp. 76-81), could work well as the "professional example."

Weeks 3-4: Audience awareness; revising to meet audience needs: pp. 85-95 ("Establishing Expectations") and 96-112 ("Revision Workshop: Engaging the Reader").