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Reflective Writing

Some teachers include a week or two for students to reflect in detail on the writing and learning they've done over the course of CO301B. In part, these teachers use the final two weeks of the term to give themselves time to evaluate and comment fully on the Unit Two portfolios. But these teachers are also motivated, at least in part, by a strong sense that the most effective learning includes analyzing and reflecting on the learning experience.

For example, in the last week of regular class sessions and the final exam period, Laura Thomas asks students to present the topics of their portfolios, including reading from selected pieces. She also guides them toward detailed self-analysis of their learning in the course. Kate Kiefer works toward the same goals with some directed postings on the class Forum.

If you develop any specific guidelines for similar presentations or questions to guide students' self-analysis, please consider sharing them with other teachers of the course by contributing them to this resource.