Day 6  Monday, September 8th

Wednesday, September 22:  Activity Ideas


Letter to the Editor Workshop

Concluding and Assigning Homework

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Introduce the Class Session and take roll (1-2 minutes)

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By referring to your agenda on the board or by previewing the day's goals/objectives, introduce the class session for your students.  Today, write your own introduction.

You can use today to catch up on anything you haven't gotten to or spent enough time on.

Also send around a sign-up sheet for students to fill out for conference times with you over the next couple of days.


Letter to the Editor Workshop

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Take a few minutes to explain how the Letter to the Editor connects to the course goals and/or to review workshop etiquette

In your explanation of connection to course goals, remember to include the concepts of accountability, understanding the conversation on a publicly debated issue, the importance of understanding writing as a "situated" activity engaged in by others and oneself and all for particular purposes and audiences. 

Refer to the Teaching Guide on Planning Workshops and Peer Review on Writing@CSU to help you decide how to facilitate the workshop today (

Using the time needed, conduct a round-robin workshop of student letters to the editor

Put students into groups of 3.  Have each student distribute the copies of their letter to the editor in exchange for copies of their other group members'. 

Using the workshop guidelines from the Appendix or by creating your own, have students workshop their letters to the editor.


Concluding and Assigning Homework (2-3 minutes)

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Today you might have a student recapitulate the main objectives you discussed today or you might write your own conclusion.  Be sure to cover the main ideas in the articles discussed today and to highlight what aspects they'll need to use to complete their Analytical/Evaluative Responses.  Remind students where they can access their homework.