Day 6  Monday, September 8th

Wednesday, September 22:  Daily Class Outline


Lesson Objectives

Today we complete our final workshop for Portfolio 1--the Letter to the Editor Workshop.


Connection to Course Goals

We continue to build community and reinforce the benefits of revising writing for effectiveness.


A Possible Sequence of Activities for Today

1. Introduce class session and take attendance.  
2.  Workshop students' Letters to the Editor Activity Ideas:  Letter to the Editor Workshop
3. Establish a conclusion for the class session and instruct students on where to access homework assignments from now on.

Activity Ideas:  Concluding and Assigning Homework


Assignment for Next Class Session

Assign the following to students:

  • Revise your drafts of your Letter to the Editor and Academic Summary/Response.
  • Bring your drafts and 2-3 questions to your conference time.

Additional Teaching Resources

For more help with grading, you can check out Barbara Gross Davis' description of grading strategies for minimizing student complaints and maximizing grading effectiveness in Grading Practices.

If you are responding to ELL or ESL writers' papers, The Connection of Fair Grading and Classroom Practices for ESL Students' Papers is a superior resource to consult.

Finally, Calculating Grades can be helpful in its suggestions for calculating grades and sound grading practices.