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Research. It can be hard enough doing it, but now you've got to teach your students how to do it. And although you feel fairly comfortable with library resources, including journals, books, and interlibrary loan, you know that most of your students are going to want to do their research online. So there's no way around it--you've got to teach them to use the Internet for research.

If you feel less than confident about your ability to do so, take comfort in one certainty--you will be learning with your students. Some of them may have never stepped foot in the library, some of them may have never been online, others are information highway cruisers. Yet one thing is almost guaranteed--none of them are going to be skilled at finding and using quality sources. No matter how Web-literate they are, no matter how familiar they claim to be with search engines, most of them will still have trouble finding valid information that is relevant to their topics.