Overview of Major Assignments in CO150

Creating a Writing Studio Account


How to Create an Account in the Writing Studio


For additional and more detailed information and help on using the Writing Studio class pages, you can visit the guides located at: https://writing.colostate.edu/help/


Using the Writing Studio : We will use the web forum and other tools provided by the Writing Studio for posting responses to readings and discussions from class, in addition to drafts of some writing assignments. Responses to questions/writing assignments on the forum will count as part of your homework grade. There are also many tools in the Writing Studio that you can use to help you with your writing for this class and others (check out the guides and working bibilography tool).


-         From the Eddy computer classroom or Eddy 300 lab, open any browser and it should bring up the Writing@CSU home page. From there, click on the link to the Writing Studio. If you are logging in from home or a computer elsewhere on campus, you can go directly to https://writing.colostate.edu/


-   Choose option 2: “Create an Account.”

-          You will be directed to a page of questions. Fill out the fields as specified. Be sure the “yes” button is checked after the question: “Do you want instructors to add you to their class lists?”


-          Click “create account.”


-          Check the information in the next screen; if all is correct, click “This looks fine. I'm done.”


-         You will be directed to the Writing Studio main page.


-         From the Writing Studio main page, click “View Your Classes” and select our class.


-         You will be directed to our class page. From here, you can post to forums, check your assignments, work on projects, etc.


To Post a Message to a Forum :

From our class page:

-         Click on “Forums”

-         Choose the forum you need and click “View”

-         Click on “Create Message.”

-     Title and write your message

-     Click “Save this Message” to post it        


*You can update or delete messages after they are posted by choosing those options above the text box in the posting option.


To Reply to a Message :

-         Select the message to which you want to reply

-         Click “reply” and then “save this message” to post your reply