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Teacher Commentary: Keeping the focus on writing

Sue: I still make sure when I assign a DAILY that it's not just busy work, that it has a purpose for what we're covering. If I can't think of a DAILY assignment that makes sense for what we're going to be doing in class that day, I won't assign a DAILY because then it's just busy work.

Beth: So, one thing that I want to do is change the DAILIES to use the computers more effectively to get them to practice a lot of writing that's mirrored in the assignments. Maybe have them do some sort of DAILY that worked on showing, not telling or maybe just developing a paragraph.

Sue: This semester I was much better in implementing the technology into actual goals of what I wanted for the class. And having the technology become part of that instead of thinking of the technology as something separate that I had to teach. I basically taught the technology in terms of what I thought was important for the writing class.