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Teacher Commentary: On students' knowledge of computer technology

Sue: Well, one of the perceptions I had is I thought all the technology freaks would be in there going, "Yea! Computers!" and I'd have more problems playing on the Internet and trying to hack into files during class. But, I haven't.

Sue: One of my computer science guys stayed in with me, my resident computer expert. It's always good to find the one or two resident computer experts in the class that know a heck of a lot more than I do, and he stayed for both tutorials and helped me out. I actually learned some new things from him. [Laugh] Which is nice.

Beth: And then for the Internet there were quite a few people that knew what was going on, so I had them raise their hands and then show people what to do.

Kathy: I wasn't - I guess that after you said that it would be all right to just know a word processor and the basics I felt more comfortable about it and I was a little apprehensive about exactly how it would work and how some of the fears that we all had that we would have to do more teaching in how to use it, and we found that they were real comfortable immediately. I kind of was worried that maybe they wouldn't be comfortable, that there would be a few like me that didn't know as much as they were expected to and found that that wasn't the case. You know, I don't have any of the "experts" but I have people who are real comfortable with it. So, I guess that's the main thing. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but I did think that there would be more problems than we've had as far as student involvement.