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Teacher Commentary: On dealing with computer glitches

Sue: If the computers are acting up. That has a real potential for disrupting the class, but I always plan every day around, well, what if this happens...I can always run upstairs to the copier if I need to.

Kathy: What I'm having problems with now because of what happened yesterday with the computers is saying, OK, what's my back-up? And how can I immediately say, OK, we're not going to be able to print today - as I did yesterday, it caught me - I knew they couldn't print, I knew they didn't have their DAILIES printed up and I just went ahead and said, "Now look at your paper," and they didn't have the paper to look at. Most of them had just left the screen and logged out because they knew they weren't going to be able to work anymore, so I've got to learn that I've got to have a back-up plan, which shouldn't be that hard. It's just having the presence on mind to say, oh, OK, let's change this.