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CCAC-L (Computer-Supported Communication Across the Curriculum)

You are invited to subscribe to CCAC-L, an electronic discussion list for educators in any discipline who are interested in computer-supported communication for active learning, in particular for collaboration and critical thinking.

Many lists exist to discuss issues related to content area instruction, to pedagogy, to professional development, to computers in writing, to communication or writing across the curriculum, and to technology in teaching and learning.

But no current list that I know of focuses on the application of writing-to-learn and writing-across-the-curriculum theory and strategies using communications technology. Some writing-rhetoric lists do deal with these issues but primarily in terms of writing classes and English studies.

CCAC-L invites colleagues across the curriculum to discuss instructional issues related to the use of computer-supported communication as a learning tool in a wide range of courses. Any type of communications technology would be appropriate, for example, electronic mail, newsgroups, groupware or conferencing platforms, and the World Wide Web.

For example, how can group conferencing strengthen learning in a chemistry class? How has electronic mail transformed the ways students learn civil engineering? How has online discussion of math processes improved students' math skills?

What questions do you have for experienced users of communication technology in your field? or in other fields that might have implications and applications for your students? As an experienced user, what advice can you offer?

How do WAC activities relate to new technologies, especially as computer-supported communication expands not only across the academy but into an increasing number of homes.

These are some of the issues CCAC-L is intended to address.

To join, send e mail (case doesn't matter here) to

Leave the subject line blank. In the body of the message, type

subscribe CCAC-L Yourfirstname Yourlastname

To post a message to the entire list, address e mail to

If you need to contact the list owner, e mail me, Donna Reiss, privately at my Internet address: <>.

Donna Reiss

Department of English, Tidewater Community College-Virginia Beach

1700 College Crescent, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Phone: 804-427-7364 Fax: 804-427-7326 E-mail:

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