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Following up

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Subsequent Face-To-Face or Virtual Meetings

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We remind teachers at the end of our initial training session that support is just an e mail or telephone call away. We encourage teachers to communicate with each other through the email list that sends messages to all trainers and teachers assigned to the computer classrooms. We often set the agenda for face-to-face meetings based on the questions and concerns that teachers write about in their email messages.

Depending on the number and kinds of problems or new tools we have available, we schedule face-to-face meetings more or less frequently. Usually, we meet after the first week of classes to address unexpected questions that teachers have after their first classes in the computer classroom. We then schedule meetings for every other week or so to address ongoing issues and to follow through on more training with tools teachers don't need to introduce until later in the semester. As teachers gain confidence, we meet less frequently (perhaps once a month at the end of the semester) but we urge them to continue using the email list for general messages to the group.