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Teaching Suggestions

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Set-up Instructions

  1. Require that students find and integrate a combination of online sources and traditional print sources into their essays.
  2. Do some sample research on your own, to get a sense of which of the online databases might be useful and what students will face in dealing with both the library databases and online search engines. Some things to look for:
  3. Design a research activity that asks students to use both library databases and Internet search engines to find sources. Make sure to incorporate what you discovered in your sample research into planning your activity.
  4. At this point, you can either spend one class day in the library so you can be around while students do the activity, or assign it as homework. Obviously, the former is preferable because then you can be immediately available to answer questions and monitor progress. If the class spends a day in the library, be sure to check with the librarians to make sure that bringing your students in during your scheduled meeting time will be possible. Make sure also to check as far in advance as possible. For more information on teaching online research, visit:
  5. Make sure to discuss evaluating sources found on the Internet. This doesn't mean sources in online databases, but sources found through regular Internet search engines that are much more likely to be questionable in terms of credibility. For suggestions on how to teach evaluation of Internet sources visit the "Teaching Suggestions and Ideas" page at the following site: