Reasons for using Technology

Teaching Suggestions

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Set-up Instructions

Web Forum Workshops:

  1. Ask your students to post their drafts online to the Web Forum. For instructions on how to use the Web Forum visit:
  2. Once the essays are online, assign partners or groups as you would for a regular workshop, and give students a deadline by which they must post their response. It is usually advisable to make the deadline 24 hours before using class-time to discuss the responses. This ensures that students will be able to view their feedback prior to coming to class.
E-mail Workshops:
  1. Ask students to exchange papers with their workshop partner or group during class-time.
  2. For homework, have students send e-mail critiques to their partner(s). It is also advisable to ask students to send you a copy of the e-mail they send to their partner(s).
  3. Again, make sure to allow enough time between the deadline and the in-class workshop to allow students to view the feedback from their classmates.