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Teaching Guide: Integrating Technology into the Traditonal CO150 Classroom

Technology is clearly an integral part of our daily lives. The Internet has given us immediate access to incredible amounts of information and numerous services. E-mail has given us a new and convenient way to communicate. Online chat and list-servs provide a connection to others who share our interests, or a forum for discussion and debate. With these few examples it isn't hard to see why technology in the classroom is an important topic for those of us in education. After all, where would we be without word processors? Probably sitting at home for hours on end, trying to decipher the handwriting of numerous students. But technology's place in the classroom goes beyond word processors; the Internet, e-mail, online chat and forums, and numerous other applications can be effectively integrated into your classroom teaching. Ideally, bringing technology into the classroom will benefit both students and teachers alike.

In this teaching guide are several suggestions for how to effectively use technology in your own class to help students reach the various goals of CO150 and other writing courses.