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My Idea

Questions to Ask Myself

My possible topic

Regional Dialects

(What experience have I had with language?)

Too broad -- list types

New Englander, New Yorker, Coloradoan

(How might I break this down into types of dialects? What dialects do I know?)

Still too broad -- Make selection

New Englander

(Which of these interests me most? Which one do I have the most personal connection with?)

Define/list types

Mainiac vs. Vermontese, Bostonians

(What are the different kinds of New England accents that I can think of?)

Still too broad/Make selection


(Which one do I have the most personal connection to? Which one might be the most interesting?)


Ayuh, dropping the "R" and "ing"

(What makes up Vermontese?)

What do these indicate?

The English Influence on Vermontese

(Make historical/social connections -- source, cause/effect)

OR: How do I feel about this? What is my connection?

Proud to be a Vermonter

(Make personal connections.)

Other connections I can bring in?

The Vermonter in Me vs. The Coloradoan

(Make comparison/contrasts.)

Where do I see a contradiction?

Why don't I feel I have an accent but others say I do?

(How does this contradict some other idea I have?)

Possible thesis/themes:

Vermontese has been influenced by the English dialect brought over by many of the early settlers.


OR I am proud to be a Vermonter and you can tell by my Ayuh. How language reveals our culture.


OR When in Vermont I find myself using Vermontese and in Colorado I use Coloradoan -- how we adapt our language to different communities.