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Sample Lesson Plan Format

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Sample Lesson Plan Format

Materials needed:
Class Announcements:

  1. Class Objectives: Write out the goals or objectives for class. Try to limit these to one or two things.
  2. Connection to Course Goals: Describe how your daily objectives connect to the overall course goals.
  3. Anticipatory Set: Sometimes referred to as a "hook." Use an informal Writing to Learn (WTL) exercise, a question, a quote, or an object to focus students' attention at the start of class. This activity should be brief and directly related to the lesson.
  4. Introduction: Write down what you'll need to inform students of the daily goals and class procedures. Be sure to explain how these procedures relate to students' own writing.
  5. Procedures: List your activities, including any discussion questions and transitions along the way.
  6. Conclusion: Describe the objective for the lesson and point students forward by connecting your objective to their own writing.
  7. What to do Next Time: Leave space in your plan to reflect on the lesson and suggest future changes.
Also see the guide on Planning a Class for help with writing introductions, transitions, and conclusions.