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Sample Marginal Comments

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The following marginal comments might be written on a student's paper after composition of the end comments listed in the next section:

Student's Observation:
"Assignments in the well-funded school were more challenging than assignments in the poorly funded school I attended my final two years in elementary school."
Instructor's Marginal Comment:
"Here is a spot where a concrete example would strengthen your overall claim." (Corresponding section in student's paper is underlined or circled.)

Student's Observation:
"To further illustrate the accuracy of Anyon's observations, consider two actual instructors currently teaching in public schools. We'll call them Instructor A and Instructor B."
Instructor's Marginal Comment:
"Here, it might be better to identify these instructors as your parents, as you did in earlier drafts. This is appropriate given your audience and would further distinguish your summary from your agreement with the author, supported by personal observations."

Student Observation:
"For example, Instructor A reported that teachers at the well-funded school were given days off to attend professional development seminars. Instructor B was the only instructor from the poorly funded school to attend any outside seminar, and he had to use one of his two yearly personal days to do so."
Instructor's Marginal Comment:
"Here is a good example of successfully using concrete evidence."

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