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Sample Categories

We provide a sample list of categories you can adapt to help with the error pattern analysis. Feel free to copy it into your word processor and then print it out. As with the sample papers themselves, it's much easier to work from a paper copy as you do error pattern analysis.

If you have a grid, error log, or list of key editing and proofreading errors of your own, we recommend that you use that as you go through the error pattern analysis.

Possible Categories for Extended Error Pattern Analysis
  1. Syntax
    1. Sentence completeness
    2. Basic word order (including direct and indirect questions)
    3. Basic modification (clauses, phrases, words)
    4. Advanced sentences (parallel structure, variety, etc.)

  2. Punctuation
    1. Terminal
    2. Basic sentence-internal punctuation (between coordinate clauses, in series, with sentence openers, with sentence interrupters)
    3. Basic quotation
    4. Apostrophes
    5. Academic quotation

  3. Grammar
    1. Regular standard inflections
    2. Basic agreement (subject-verb and pronoun)
    3. Basic tense formations
    4. Irregular verbs
    5. Tense consistency
    6. Special usage (case with pronouns, agreement in unusual contexts, etc.)

  4. Spelling
    1. Key sound-letter correspondences (including troublesome vowels)
    2. Basic spelling patterns (doubled consonants, silent e, etc.)

  5. Vocabulary
    1. Confused connotation (the thesaurus complex)
    2. Word-class shifts (courage/courageous, e.g.)
    3. Roots, prefixes, suffixes
    4. Idioms
    5. Academic terms (abstract or technical vocabulary, Latin/Greek terms)
    6. Precision
(Adapted from Errors and Expectations)