Selected Web Development Projects

Since the late 1990s, the Department of English has offered graduate and undergraduate writing courses in Web writing. The following projects are selected from those courses.

My Minnesota Scrapbook, by Nicole Ashton
Exploring Lewis and Clark, by Peter Connor
Alchemy, by Jill Darling
The Great American Desert, by Don Donahue
Experiencing Ballet, by Mackenzie Fogelson
A Writing Community, by Demetrios Godenitz
Baja Explorations, by Jane Gordon
Red Rock, by Brad Hoback
I See The Watertower, by Angela Hodapp
Chez Trish, by Trish Klei
Sibling Rivalry, by Sheri Le
Maga's Mountain, by Joseph McKinney
Who Am I?, by Eileen Munzo
Sea of Love, by Tiffany Nicholson
Jarret Quint's Home Page, by Jarret Quint
Kentucky Tangents, by Cathy Ackerson Rogers
My Authentic Life, by Jill Salahub
Snow, by Jess Schleiger
Nebraska Stories, by Carroll Steiner
SoulPlantings, by Rosie Turner
Tails of Tales and Other Ends Meet, by Erik Walsh
Sisters: A Geography, by Emily Wortman-Wunder