RST Goals & Goal Setting

Throughout the course of the semester, students enrolled in the RST work on awriting assignments carefully designed to help them prepare for CO130 (Academic Writing) or CO150 (College Composition). The students and their tutors will discuss the students' goals for the semester, based on the students' needs and interests. Each student will receive a form that will list some of the common goals for all tutorial students; to that, the student and tutor will add the goals that have been set. The student and tutor will be asked to sign the goals statement forms. Students in the RST should save the statement in their portfolio and use them to help measure progress during the year, but especially at midterm and final reviews.

Goals Common to All RST Writers

To help students prepare for their next composition course, the tutorial typically focuses on the types of writing done in the first two essay assignments for CO150. At the end of the semester, the student and tutor will collect the pieces they agree are the strongest examples of the student's writing. The Writing Center Director will then read through this portfolio of your writing to look for evidence of writing strengths, including the following, specific features:

Other Goals to Consider

Although the Writing Center tutorial depends upon some common goals, students may have other concerns or desires for their writing and themselves as writers. Listed below are goals that past RST writing students have identified. Students are encouraged to think about their own writing and their sense of self as a writer and choose goals from the list below that speak to their needs.

Defining Student Goals

Although check lists are convenient, they cannot do justice to the range of experiences and understandings with and about writing that people bring to a tutorial. To help students define and articulate goals on their own, the are asked to consider the questions listed below. After they work with the questions, students and their tutors can work to turn them into goals statements.