CO401 Course Description

Prerequisite: CO300 Writing Arguments, CO301 Writing in the Disciplines, or CO302 Writing Online

CO401 seeks to develop students' abilities to adapt intermediate-level rhetorical modes and strategies to a broader range of writing situations. It encourages the development of an individual voice within conventional contexts; close attention is given to the finer points of writing style. For example, while a student might have developed in CO301A the ability to write generic literary reviews clearly and persuasively for a well educated general audience (per TIME magazine or a Sunday supplement), CO401 would focus on moving beyond the "standards" of the review genre to develop a unique perspective and voice.

Students will typically write (and rewrite) at least five papers, each with a carefully defined rhetorical stance and a highly developed sense of style. The writing may be supplemented by assigned readings in an advanced level rhetoric/reader.

CO401 presumes that the student writer of non-fiction prose has mastered the rhetorical skills that allow thorough command of subject matter, authority of voice, and effective use of established rhetorical strategies and stylistic conventions. Prior to enrolling in CO401 the writer should be able to accommodate the demands of specialized subjects to the needs of general audiences.

Methods of Evaluation: This course will be taught using traditional grading. In addition to grades on writing assignments, grades will also be assigned for in-class writing activities (e.g., daily writing activities, peer review workshops), posts to a class Web discussion forum, and out-of-class writing and reading activities (homework). Typically, the course grade will be based on in-class writing and homework assignments (15%), regular participation in discussions of course readings on a Web discussion forum (10%), and formal essays (75%).