Transfer Equivalents & AP Credit

Transferring to or from CSU: CO302: Writing Online focuses on the analysis and production of texts that are written and read only in electronic formats (e.g., hypertexts, sites on the World Wide Web, Internet discussion groups and forums, and electronic mail). A detailed course description and sample syllabus are available.

The Admissions office at Colorado State University has a list of course equivalents on file, should you wish to transfer a course to or from the University. If you have questions about equivalents, please visit their Web site or visit their contact page. If you desire Colorado State equivalency for CO302 for a transferred course that does not have an equivalent noted on the transfer evaluation report, please contact Sue Russell, composition program administrative assistant, at or (970) 491-1898. If you are asked to meet with a representative of the composition program, please bring the course syllabus, textbook, and/or the papers you composed for the class to the meeting.

Advanced Placement Credit: Course credit for CO302 is not offered for advanced placement tests.