Wednesday, October 21

Day 25 (Wednesday, October 21st)

Lesson Objectives

Students will workshop Inquiry Essays


Attendance and introduction (2-3 minutes)

Workshop Introduction (5-10 minutes)

Take a few minutes to introduce the workshop by reviewing expectations and pointing out any new expectations. You can use some of the workshop exercise from phase 1 or design your own.

Workshop Inquiry Drafts (30-35 Minutes)

Remember to have students work in their topic groups.

Review grading criteria  (5-10 minutes)

Have students take out the grading criteria for Assignment 3 or provide an overhead for them.

Conclude class and assign homework (3-5 minutes)

Wrap up class as usual, emphasizing the importance of sharing research so that everyone in each group can complete a thorough Inquiry Essay.  Allow groups a few minutes to arrange a meeting if necessary.


Using ideas from the workshop, revise your inquiry essay into a final, polished draft.