Wednesday, October 14

Day 22 (Wednesday, October 14th)

Lesson Objectives

Students will think critically about evaluating sources


Group Publication Analysis (20-25 Minutes)

In your groups look over each other’s publications. Choose one of the periodicals to examine closely and critically. Notice the editorial page, the table of contents, the different sections, the ads, pictures, graphics and colors, before answering the specific questions.

To learn more about the general outlook of a periodical, take a moment to skim through it, noting the following.

Step 2: Publication Analysis

Now have a volunteer from your group transcribe answers to the following questions.

Step 3. Write a Review

Each group should finish today’s analysis by writing three paragraph long product “reviews” for specific audiences. Have groups share their reviews with the class.

Review #1 Write a review of your periodical for an audience that will like the magazine/journal (Example: soccer moms and dads might enjoy Parenting magazine. Tell them why they should/shouldn’t buy it.)

Review #2 Write a review of your periodical for an audience that will not like the magazine trying to make them less resistant to it (Example: gun control activist might not like Guns & Ammo, try and convince them it has some merit.)

Review #3 Write a review for people who don’t care either way about the periodical’s subject. Perhaps they are looking for something to read on a plane. Why should they buy your periodical?

Conclude class and assign homework (3-5 minutes)

Wrap up class as usual, emphasizing the importance using today’s activities to help them be concrete and specific in their annotation responses as to why a source is credible or not.


1) Continue finding quality research that represents a range of ways of looking at your issue and answering your inquiry question.
2) Complete the Annotated Bibliography Check Sheet: