Wednesday, October 7

Day 19 (Wednesday, October 7)

Note to GTA’s:

All GTA’s classes have been scheduled for a specific library session. Some of them will be for today, but if your library sessions are scheduled for a different day, please adapt the syllabus and daily lesson plans to meet your schedule.

Lesson Objectives

Students will


Attendance, introduction, and instruction

Begin class by reminding students why you’ve brought them to the library today.  You might preview the homework (bring at least one library source and one new annotation to class next time) to encourage involvement today. Finally, introduce the librarian who will be conducting today’s class, and hand over the reins.

Library Instruction

The librarian will introduce students to library resources and allow time for them to conduct searches on their inquiry question. 

Collect homework, conclude class and assign homework

Ask students to turn in the annotation they brought to class today.  Remind students to check the Writing Studio for specifics on homework. Also, make sure you tell students that there will be no class on Friday because of Department Reading Days. They should enjoy the break while continuing to research and annotate sources.