Tuesday, November 17-Thursday, November 19

Week 13 (Tuesday, November 17th-Thursday, November 19th)


Students will

Suggested Activities

Academic argument draft workshop (60-65 minutes)

Design a workshop activity that will enable students to read and respond to at least two drafts in the allotted time. Use the workshop activity bank in the syllabus appendix for ideas, keeping in mind that the workshop activity should reflect the assignment sheet, grading criteria and classroom instruction. 

Academic argument draft workshop 2 (60-65 minutes)

At this point in the semester you know best how your classes workshop and how much (or little) direction they need.  Devise a second workshop session.  Perhaps this one could focus on citations, for example.

Discuss revision strategies and conclude class (7-10 minutes)

Students will revise these drafts of the paper, so talk for a few minutes about how they might do that. Share some of your own revision strategies and/or ask students to share some of their own. 

Assign a Post-Script and Collect Assignment (you decide time)

There are several different examples of post-script questions from the previous assignments.  You can use one of the previous post-script prompts or create your own.  Remember that a post-script gives students an opportunity to reflect upon the work they’ve just completed and the process they went through in order to complete it.  This is an important reflective step for students.

Introduce Assignment 5, Addressing Greenwashing:  Writing as an Engaged and Informed Citizen  (10-15 minutes)

Present the assignment sheet and point out that students will be engaging in a new circle of writing, another conversation, yet they may also draw on the vast research they’ve done already this semester.  They will find out what others know and think as they become informed about a situation, they will explain what they know, and, in the last assignment, they will add their voices to the conversation about the topic, perhaps initiating a new conversation about the topic.

Recommended Homework for Week 14 (after Thanksgiving Break)